Correctional Facilities

Duramate™ was designed & built for use in correctional facilities

TuffShield™ Tough!

The combination of cold-rolled steel mainframe, powder-coated finishes & abrasion-resistant polycarbonate glass makes the Duramate™ virtually indestructible!

Easily Maintained

The absence of textiles combined with stainless steel surfaces makes our PODs a breeze to clean & sanitize. The Duramate™ PODs can withstand the use of stronger cleaning chemicals.

WhisperCel™ Quiet!

Achieve noise reduction up to 40dB! Our acoustic panels will isolate you from the potentially noisy environment and provide the inmates a safe place to speak.

FireShield™ Safe

Safety is our #1 priority, and we use a patent-pending system combining heat-activated fire suppression with the use of fire retardant materials to build the Duramate™ PODs.

Duramate™ - The Original Prison PODs

COVID changed the correctional industry and its outlook on health and safety. The opportunity to help the facilities keep inmates and personnel safer, while saving money in the process motivated us to create the best solution – The Duramate™ PODs

Keep Staff & Inmates Safe

Reduce contact with the outside, thus minimizing the chances of COVID spread.

Save On Prisoner Transport

Use virtual court hearings, attorney meetings and save on transport and personnel cost!

Modular & Sustainable

Save money by not doing construction, and retain the possibility to move or repurpose them in the future!

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