Frequently Asked Questions

How easy are they to clean and disinfect?

Duramate™ Pods are easily cleaned and disinfected with standard commercial cleaners used in Correctional and Industrial Facilities for occupied areas that are considered non antimicrobial.  With durable surfaces of powder coated steel, fire resistance panels and cleanable glass, our pods can withstand frequent cleaning. We can provide more detailed information for each type of surface cleaning upon request.

How are they delivered and assembled?

We built our PODs as modular units that are Plug & Play. The assembly process is simple and well described in the provided manual, but if you wish we can ship them pre-assembled as well. We try to avoid this step to save you money on the shipping costs, but we do allow you to make your own choice.

How much noise reduction can we expect?

This is a little difficult to estimate since different environments affect the PODs differently. From our testing, we achieved a decrease of 20-40dB. The louder the environment the bigger the decrease in overall volume was experienced. To put it in plain words, 40dB is the noise level in a quiet library, and 80dB would be the sound of an alarm clock in the morning.

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