The Tuffshield™ Package

All of the main metal components are finished in our durable Powder Coated Finish with custom capabilities to match RAL Industry colors

A robust core continuous weld, modular precision machined frame and cross structure that can handle demanding use

Anti-Vibration & Noise Cancellation Membrane is applied to every panel inner surface

Ultra Quiet Air Flow system that provides sufficient oxygen and fresh air intake and equalizes exhaust for maximum balance.

Durable & easy to clean 9mm thick environmentally friendly PET panels that can withstand tough treatment and absorb sound

Brute™ Stainless Steel Door Hardware

Premium (Grade 1) hardware, includes heavy-duty hinges and door handles that deliver maximum life and quiet operation

Plywood Substrate and Panel backing providing a full…??? It is also available in a Fire Treated variant, so don’t forget to specify.

Abrasion Resistant (AR) Polycarbonate Transparent Glass  – offers full visibility from inside and out in 8-10 mm thickness.

Heavy Duty Metal, Powder Coated Steel Work Counter, bolted on to frame for maximum durability.

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